Welcome RE/MAX Agents! We are excited to serve you with your own exclusive site on Penn Street Bakery.

Put the Power of Thanks to work for you...celebrate a sale, commemorate the anniversary of a sale or simply say “thank you” for a referral. Penn Street Bakery provides a “tasteful” way to appreciate your clients. With a selection of distinctive sweets and flavorful gourmet gifts, Penn Street Bakery intiates the circle of thanks and makes it easy to send the very best. All products are made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers. Plus, quality is 100% guaranteed! Customized tins with your company logo are available. Choose from our delicious assortment of Very Important Property gifts or let our corporate specialists assist you.


  • RE/MAX Tins
  • Shipment on Demand
  • Customized Tinss
  • Power of Thanks Program
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
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