General & Gluten Free Product FAQs

Why does shipping cost so much? Why do some of your products have to go 2 Day Shipping?

  • Our shipping and packaging of our products revolves around a simple principle: We Care. We care about the ingredients in our products, the way it leaves our warehouse and the way it arrives to your doorstep.
    That said, because of the perishability of much of our product we have to be very conscious of the shipping temperatures of our product. Our shipping costs are based on the actual shipping weights. Many of our products (all Gluten Free) require us to package in a cooler box with ice. Also many of our products require 2 Day shipping to ensure it arrives at the highest quality. All cakes are shipped frozen. We are constantly evaluating costs and new shipping methods and as we find ways to save money we will be sure to pass these savings along to you our customers.

How is your product Gluten Free?
How do you ensure your product is Gluten Free?
How can your product be Gluten Free if it is made in a facility that also processes wheat?

  • The product is certified gluten free because of the thorough cleaning and testing procedures we go through in order to ensure no cross contamination has occurred. The following is a summary of the procedures before and during gluten free food is made:
    • First, a 24 hour period where no mixing or producing of gluten containing items must occur before gluten free production can begin. This happens in order to ensure there is no flour in the air at the time of production.
    • Before the startup of making gluten free food, all equipment and utensils used in the process are cleaned, inspected, and swabbed to confirm the absence of gluten residue.
    • Everyone involved in the process of making gluten free items must wear new, clean smocks.
    • After every batch of any item is produced, a sample of that batch is taken at the last possible point before being packaged, and tested for gluten residue at 5 parts per million.
    • Samples of each batch are also collected and sent into a third party lab for further testing and verification. Testing is also done to confirm the food as having less than 5 parts per million gluten residue.

Do you ship your GF pizza crust frozen?

  • We ship the pizza crust out frozen from our facility and packaged in a box lined cooler with ice.

How many pizza crusts come in a package?

  • Our pizza crusts come packaged individually.

What is the size of the pizza crust?

  • The pizza crusts are approximately 10" in size, there may be slight variation in the measurement.

How long do I have to use the cookie dough?

  • Once the cookie dough is received it can be stored frozen for up to 6 months, it can be kept refrigerated for 21 days.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!